We need another labor movement

So Labor Day is coming and many will be off work, probably barbecuing and just simply relax. We deserve a day. We work hard. There was a time in our … Continue reading We need another labor movement

No middle ground

We are a society of extremes — and it doesn’t have to be that way. The way things are going we will of course destroy our planet and ourselves. There … Continue reading No middle ground

So what I’m trying to say is . . .

In January we tried to start the year new. February was the month to build new relationships or strengthen old ones with the help of cupid. It didn’t work. In … Continue reading So what I’m trying to say is . . .

Lessons confirmed in 2012

If you are reading this blog, then once again there were foolish folks that believed the world ended a few weeks ago. We should all be thankful we made it … Continue reading Lessons confirmed in 2012