May 15, 2013




Northside Church of Christ, is pleased to announce that Clyde Mayberry has accepted the role of the Senior Pulpit Minister to serve at the local congregation.

Brother Mayberry is a marriage and family therapist and an ordained minister specializing in relationship building and grief counseling. In addition to having 20 plus years in the ministry, Brother Mayberry served as Executive Director for two hospice organizations in Michigan and as the Director of Administrative Triage for a hospice in Ohio.  A true man of God, Brother Mayberry is a prolific speaker, writer, and teacher, with the keen ability to connect with everyone who crosses his path.

“I believe coming to Charlotte is not an accident, but God’s providence…I look forward to continuing to grow in love and faith and hope with you.  It is my prayer that I far exceed your expectation of ministry and take us to a level that proves it was God’s will.” Clyde Mayberry – Senior Pulpit Minister

Brother Mayberry has doubled the membership at two congregations and grown five businesses.  He has a wealth of knowledge in multiple arenas. “We’re glad to have Brother Mayberry on our team!  He’s a strong man of God and a people magnet.  We are excited to have him here with us.” William Cherry – Elder

Northside Church of Christ, located at 4435 E. W.T. Harris Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28215, is a fellowship where everybody is somebody and Jesus is Lord.  A New Testament Church, believing in the absolute authority of God’s word and rests it’s salvation solely on the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The church stands on faith and believes in unconditional love, and has the hope of resurrection on Judgment Day.


Clyde appeared on Fox2 News Morning Show to discuss the new initiative for Hospice Compassus. See the interview at


National Hospice Provider Intends to Set and Pursue Higher Standards for Entire Industry

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Sept. 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — While many U.S. healthcare providers try to keep up with changing regulations designed to improve quality care and patient outcomes, one of the nation’s leading hospice providers is taking a voluntary, proactive lead in setting new quality standards for the hospice industry. Hospice Compassus, a Nashville, Tenn.- based company that operates a nationwide network of community-based hospice programs, officially launched its National Quality Care Initiative on Sept. 25 in Scottsdale, Ariz. during a meeting of more than 200 of its top employees and medical advisors.

“Keeping the Promise 2012” is a national effort to achieve delivery of the highest possible quality care to hospice patients.

Former Sen. William “Bill” Frist, MD delivered the keynote address at the event and joined some of the nation’s most recognized and influential hospice and palliative care physicians in supporting the Initiative.

“Because of my personal experience in public service and in healthcare, I have a unique perspective on how policy shapes our healthcare system. There is a lot of focus at the federal level and within the medical community on improving quality outcomes for patients,” said Frist. “I think real change and progress occurs, however, not when businesses are forced to comply with mandates, but when professionals who work every day in a given field recognize a need, develop an innovative solution, and then act on it. I applaud Hospice Compassus for their vision and fully support their effort to improve their own performance and challenge the rest of the hospice industry to meet the highest standards.”

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is scheduled to release a set of hospice quality measures in 2012, and hospice programs will be required to publicly report on the measures in 2014. Hospice Compassus has voluntarily tracked its own quality data since January 2011, meaning the company will be able to report on a full three years of meaningful quality data by the time other hospice programs are required to report by CMS.

The primary quality indicators in Keeping the Promise 2012 are patients’ pain levels and the education they receive regarding medication, treatment and symptoms. Hospice Compassus is tracking these and other indicators to measure its performance against self-imposed quality standards.

“Hospice providers serve in a clinical and compassionate role that is very important yet drastically underutilized in the continuum of care. All healthcare is about helping those in need, and hospice and palliative care alleviates suffering and improves the quality of life,” said Sean Morrison, MD, Hermann Merkin Professor of Palliative Care at the Mount Sinai, School of Medicine, Director of the National Palliative Care Research Center and immediate past president of American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine.

More than 1 million people in the U.S. receive hospice care each year, although as many as 50 percent of those who have the option of hospice care never access the benefits. A study of the non-hospice end-of-life experiences reported that 40 percent of patients were in severe pain prior to their death, and 25 percent experienced moderate to great anxiety or depression before they died.

“We intend to set a new standard of quality that is both remarkable to patients and their families, and attainable for providers who embrace the spirit and promise of compassionate care. That is what Keeping the Promise 2012 is about. That is what we are going to achieve,” said Corina Tracy, Senior Vice President of Clinical Services for Hospice Compassus.

Hospice Compassus will carry out its National Quality Care Initiative with continuous action in more than 50 community-based hospice programs across the U.S., and through support and reinforcement from company management.

About Hospice Compassus

Hospice Compassus is a nationwide network of community-based hospice programs. Based in Nashville, Tenn., the company opened its first hospice in 1979 and today operates in more than 30 markets across the U.S. The mission of Hospice Compassus and its affiliates is to honor life and offer hope to individuals facing terminal illness by supporting them with a common culture focused on three core values: Compassion, integrity and excellence. Hospice Compassus employs more than 1,200 colleagues who provide a range of hospice services and other resources to benefit patients and families. Our primary goals are to provide the highest quality hospice care and service in every community in which we operate and to be the hospice employer of choice. For more information please visit, follow the company on Facebook or call (877) 377-1607.


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DETROIT, Michigan – April 19, 2010 … Hospice Compassus, a leading provider of hospice services is pleased to announce that Clyde Mayberry has been named Executive Director of its Detroit hospice program.

Pastor Mayberry is a marriage and family therapist and an ordained minister specializing in relationship building and grief counseling. He is active in the community and has served on the executive boards of the NAACP, Habitat for Humanity and Inter-denominational Ministerial Alliance. He has been an advocate for seniors, the disenfranchised and the bereaved. Pastor Mayberry has previously served as the Director of Administrative Triage for Stein Hospice Services in Ohio and has twenty-two years of management experience.

“I look forward to serving the Detroit community as the Executive Director for Hospice Compassus. I believe I have much to share with others, and I particularly enjoy helping those patients who fall under the ‘lost and forgotten’ status — meaning they have limited family resources or community support.  It is very rewarding to make a difference in someone’s life, especially those experiencing their tender, end-of-life moments,” Mayberry said.

About Hospice Compassus

Since 1979, Hospice Compassus has served patients and their families  by providing comprehensive end-of-life care and grief support for patients and families. Hospice patients are able to live their final days with peace and dignity in the comfort of their own home.

Hospice Compassus, located at 24445 Northwestern Highway, #105 Southfield, MI 48075, has been providing hospice care to Detroit and the surrounding communities for the past 16 years .  The company’s core values consist of compassion, integrity and excellence while maintaining a community focus and belief that each person’s end-of-life journey or grief process is individual and distinctive. For details on Hospice Compassus of Detroit, please visit: