Terms of Service


Consultant agrees to provide the following services for the client:

o   Brief telephone consultation/informational (15 minutes or less).

o   Short-term (3-5 sessions of psychotherapy)

o   Long-term (life coaching — sessions TBD)

o   Counseling/problem solving for related ongoing issues

  • Long-term counseling for marital or family issues (after 3 sessions).
  • Executive or Pastoral Coaching and administrative consultations.
  • Professional referral.
  • Educational workshops on issues related to: Emotional intelligence, multicultural diversity, parenting, conflict resolution, family issues, grief and loss, divorce recovery and spiritual growth.


All services of this contract shall be in compliance with this contract and performed by the consultant as an independent contractor. The consultant shall, therefore, maintain control of the manner and means by which the services in the contract are preformed. The consultant shall at no time perform these duties and services as an employee of the client.

Confidential or Private Information

Any confidential or private information the consultant has access to in the course of providing these services will be maintained in strictest confidence as determined by state and federal law.

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