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The Sincere Milk of the Word.


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Having had the pleasure for the past six months of hearing Dr. Mayberry teach as my preacher at the Northside Church of Christ, I am pleased that he has chosen to document some of the essential components of his inspired sermons. I can now review them when I need to, and can share them with others who need help getting through difficult times.

Dr. Mayberry has an incredibly solid scriptural foundation. This book is a reflection of his biblical knowledge combined with the inspiration of God. Life in this world can be extremely challenging and we sometimes do not know which way to turn to resolve our problems. This book offers hope and inspiration for all of us who get overwhelmed with what life throws at us, from time to time.

Dr. Mayberry’s book, like his teaching, is unique. “The Sincere Milk of The Word” offers solutions to life’s problems that are based on proven biblical principles. Dr. Mayberry’s teaching, just like this book, are heavy on application. You will be able to recognize the challenges outlined in the book because they are common to most people. However, the biblical solutions that he recommends offer us a unique perspective and offer us the use of a resource we oftentimes fail to utilize…The Word of God.

Believe me when I tell you that this book will take you through the spectrum of emotions. But, at the end the day, you will be able to add the spiritual tools to your problem solving tool kit that you can use for the rest of your life

And finally, since this is volume 1, I am both comforted and excited to know that there is more “Milk” to come.

M Brooks, Ballantyne, NC


Five Stars

Great book! Easy read. It’s motivational, inspirational, educational, and is a great tool for discipleship. If you are not a member of the Church of Christ, this book will get you thinking about why you’re not. If you are a member, it will better root and ground you in the word. I’m sure you have family members that are not. Buy this book! Give it to them. It will convict their soul.

R Dulin, Winston-Salem, NC


Five Stars

I read The Sincere Milk of the Word, by Dr. Mayberry, and it gave me joy, hope, pleasure! The message from the inspired word of God was personalized to a level which opened my eyes farther to see how great God’s plan for all – grace and forgiveness. This book is a very encouraging read and would stimulate any personal growth or group study. Thank you my “friend, brother, and teacher”.

T Shelton, Charlotte, NC


Five Stars

I have read the book, “THE SINCERE MILK OF THE WORD” by Dr. Clyde D. Mayberry and would like to give my review of the book. While Dr. Mayberry didn’t add to or take away from the Word of God (the Bible), he did help me to see some things more clearly or in a different light. We has humans and sadly even as Christians, (who should know better) try to candy coat reality. We want to see things not in black and white, but rather in grey, but in actuality there’s only two real choices: Light or darkness, righteousness or sin, God or Satan and we must choose whom we will serve and give allegiance to. Dr. Mayberry’s book reminded me that there is to be no middle ground. That the world was never supposed to be good, and never meant to be forever. If we are hoping for perfection in an imperfect world, we will be greatly disappointed.
As a Christian for over 40+ years reading this book reminded me that God’s Word should always have an effect on his children and motivate us to do his Will. When the blood of Christ puts us in a covenant relationship with God the Father then we have NOTHING to fear. We live in constant fear, because we cannot control everything, but as Dr. Mayberry points out from scripture; “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love and of a sound mind.” Fear clouds our judgement and makes it difficult for us to negotiate sound decisions. We need to make decisions based on fact and not on emotions. And most importantly when we fear, it’s saying we don’t trust God and his promises.
Dr. Mayberry’s words are scripturally accurate and thought provoking. As I read THE SINCERE MILK OF THE WORD I especially could relate to the “Cake Theory”. If you want to know what that is, then I suggest you order the book and read it. I would recommend this book for anyone from a new convert to a seasoned Christian. You will be challenged, encouraged and uplifted while reading THE SINCERE MILK OF THE WORD. I can’t wait till volume II is released.

L Morsher, Bellevue, Ohio


I thoroughly enjoyed reading Dr. Mayberry’s book! The chapters on unconditional love and service are my favorites. If you are looking for a book that will fuel your desire to draw closer to God, this is the book for you.
~Valerie Whittaker, Huron, OH


Clyde Mayberry’s debut offering is both a joy and a blessing to the Christian trying to figure it all out. In this book he takes a fresh and non apologetic look at understanding the root of fear while examining salvations core values. Through this examination Mayberry provides key points of living and application for the Kingdom Citizen the has a heart for God and his plan for our lives.

~David Artist, Romulus, MI


Dr. Clyde Mayberry is a teacher extraordinaire! His freshman writing volume is an excellent resource and example of his teaching ability. From the Prologue to the Epilogue, he sprinkles vivid illustrations throughout to explain some fundamental concepts that have proven themselves difficult to live out. Personally, his treatment of being accepted and the power of unconditional love had a huge impact on my life. I thank God for using Dr. Mayberry to bring to fruition this small book that is easy to read but deceptively deep in thought. Don’t let the title “The Sincere Milk of the Word” fool you, even those who believe they should dine on the meat of the Word will find filling and satisfying truth. I wait with great anticipation on Volume 2.

~ Ivan Wilson, Greensboro, NC