Can you love me?

I’ve been pondering a question all week.

I’ve been thinking whether or not it is easy to love me.

Arrogance makes you answer the question too quickly and say, “Of course it is!”

But in your most inner thoughts, when you get really serious about answering this question, what do you come up with?

The first thing I thought about was what criteria I would use to really determine it:

  • Would I base this on the grounds of how often I attend church services?
  • What about how much money I make?
  • Or whether or not I can remain faithful and committed in a relationship?
  • Do my possessions make me easier to love?
  • What about my political views?
  • Am I easier to love if I have the heart of a servant or a leader?
  • Would I be easier to love if I were completely fit?
  • What about my intellect?
  • Would I be easier to love if I were smarter?
  • What if I were more attractive?
  • What if I were cleaner?

The list could go on and on.

So if I were to answer the question seriously, I would have to look at some standard of love.

I chose to use Jesus Christ – since most people in our country show some allegiance to Him. The Bible says God is love, so in the case of the Son, He would have to be love, too.

John 3:16 say, “For God so LOVED the world that He gave … .” It would appear that giving is a great place to start. If I could give unconditionally of my time and my means, this would make me easier to love because of the way I give.

I think another important characteristic is sacrifice. It seems that a person who can be selfless would literally draw people to himself. This must be an important aspect as well.  I’m obviously still pondering this question. However, if I was to look at the other side and assume that it was difficult to love me, could I be honest and admit that it’s difficult?

Why would it be difficult? Because I feel entitled and I want others to serve me, I make it difficult to love me. Because I feel someone owes me something or I’m not happy with my life and I want others to suffer because I’m not happy. Or because I think that I’ve done some great thing in the past and now I’m owed. Like say if I raised a family, maybe now I feel that my adult kids owe me something.

Bottom line is this: We are going to one day stand before the judgment seat of Christ and we will have to give an account. When that time comes, can we say that we were lovable or unlovable?  This is our choice and I choose to be lovable. I choose to make a difference in the lives of the people that I come in contact with so that they will be better people, too. I pledge to let my light shine to honor my Father in heaven.

If you choose the latter, I hope today you change. If not, I pray that He has mercy on your soul.