Share the God in you

It takes a special type of person to give.

There are enough stingy, stubborn folks in the world and what we clearly need to see more of is that good ole’ fashioned, unconditional giving.

Many things have been written and said about givers or volunteers, as they are sometimes called. I had the privilege to speak at a volunteer symposium hosted in Bay City, MI and sponsored by the Michigan Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. I had the opportunity to meet some seniors who really knew how to live. They understood the meaning of “good living” as they were at retirement age, but still working – yet this time for free.

There are not many things in our world that are free. In fact, when you see something truly free, you do a double take because it looks too good to be true. I remember when air was free at any gas station. I also watched as the cost went from being just 25 cents to $1.00 in some places. Well, the other day I needed a little air in my tire and I immediately fished through my coins to find four quarters. I got out of my truck and low and behold there was nowhere to put the coins. I thought, “go figure, it would be broken.” I’m glad I took a chance, because it was actually free. I couldn’t believe it. Now this gas station is in Farmington Hills, MI and it more than makes up for the price of air with all the other items in the store. It seems they added a penny or two to every item to cover the cost of air, but that’s another story.

I bring the issue up of volunteering because I wonder how many people really understand the spiritual dynamics of giving. First, giving is a God trait. You know the Bible says, “For God so loved the world that he gave …” Secondly, the Good Book tells us that it is more blessed to give than receive. Many people miss this concept. You see, if you can give, you’ve already been blessed. And finally, giving brings us face-to-face with our covetousness. When you live in a land as bountiful as ours, we tend to never get enough. We take, take, take and never even think about giving until we have a holiday that tells us to give.

Givers are the people who recognize and exalt more their standing with God over their status with the world. They believe that their existence is much more than what they can accumulate. They seek out ways to change other people’s lives for the better – and they do it just for the way it makes them feel.

Try unconditional giving this week. Allow your blessings in life to be shared with others who truly need it. Whether you are giving of your means or time, both are precious and they represent the God in you. So please, share.