Too much pain!

America is in too much pain.

When you think about your worst pain, what comes to mind? Is it from body aches? Is it all in your mind? Is it a result of loving too much? Not enough? Is it emotional because you’ve experienced abuse? Is it spiritual because you are disappointed with your church?

Whatever the pain, your senses have confirmed that it is just that … pain. We hurt. We cry. And we cry some more.

Has your pain ever made you wonder how much more you can take? Are you avoiding someone because they hurt you? Have you altered your lifestyle because of someone? How long must you endure this suffering?

Wouldn’t it be cool if there were a judicial system set up just for morality? Now before you start saying it could never happen or we wouldn’t do it right, let’s have a little fun.

I say that if someone has wronged you, you should be able to sue for damages.

Every guy whoever took advantage of a woman because she was codependent or lonely should have to pay a price. One thousand dollars would be good.

Or what of the person who cheats on their significant other instead of just telling them the truth about how they feel in their relationship?

Or better, what if anyone caught bullying had to serve jail time?

And then, anyone who filed a false claim would have to pay $5,000!

I think there should be a $500 fine for swearing in public, dressing inappropriately, stalking, gossiping and  being rude.

This is a simple exercise to help you escape the rat race and forget about the problems of the day. You should come up with your own list. And have fun with it! Create a place where you make the rules and you decide what happens.

Try it!

We all need a break from the pain.