We are nothing but animals…

We can learn a lot from animals.

As an employer, one of the questions I always ask applicants is that if they were an animal, which one would they be?

It’s always interesting to hear the answers that I get.

I have had market research interviewers say they would be sharks…

I’ve had hospice sales people say they would choose to be dogs…

And I’ve had clergy say they would be lions…

You can actually learn much about a person by how they answer this question.

Can you imagine that your daughter is dating a boy who says he is most like a wolf? Or how about an octopus? Or even a butterfly?

All of these species mean something to this equation. All of them give a snapshot of who the person believes they are.

In therapy, we learn how to turn a pussycat into a panther simply by giving him confidence. We learn to empower a victim who feels trapped like a rat.

And we learn to tame the toughest tiger by controlling his anger.

We do this through teaching the subjects the power of the mind. A person’s state of mind is the most powerful tool on this planet.

It’s his state of mind that makes a firefighter run into a burning building to save someone. Their state of mind makes Olympians out of ordinary athletes. But it can also turn a victim into a killer or a heterosexual man gay.

Buddha said:

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.”

Choose your animal wisely and be the best one you can be.