Is capitalism ruining democracy?

Biblical scripture tells us that the love of money is the root of all evil.

Do you believe that?

We brag about our freedoms and we say that every country deserves our freedoms.

But what are we really saying with that statement?

Are we saying that we are the richest country? If we are saying that, it wouldn’t be true.

Are we saying we are the healthiest country? I hope not, because our healthcare system has been ranked in the 30s for years.

Are we saying that we have a better quality of life? That would simply be too hard to believe with the amount of prescriptions and over-the-counter medications we consume.

So what are we really saying?

Are we saying they should vote like we do? Or that they should pursue money … I mean happiness –  like we do?

It seems to me that freedom is overrated. We are free to do a lot of things. And that also means that other things are free to do us.

One thing we do well in America is make money. We are totally about the bottom-line. Screwing each other for a percentage is really what we are about.

It’s sad when you look at what we could be doing and then see the damage of what we are doing.

For example, in our country, we have a law that says the only way we can treat cancer is through surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. Are these really the most successful methods or just the ones that cost the most? In Mexico, American doctors are successfully treating cancer with very high doses of vitamin C.

We also have a law that says we cannot sue fast food chains because of obesity. Why do we need a law for this?

If you look at how much money is being made off obesity the answer is clear. Suing one of the major sources of why we are fat would effect the bottom-line of those profiting from obesity.

We need to take control of this situation. The answer is simple: Take control of your own destiny. The answers are available you just have to keep looking.

The truth will set us free!