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The importance of my well being


I understand psychologically that I can not see myself, all I see is a reflection. All of these images I see of myself need help from the people that actually see me. Therefore it is the images I see in conjunction with what is said that allows me to come close to seeing my actual self.

With this in mind, the people who I surround myself with become extremely important. I need for the people I allow in my inner circle to be beneficial to me. I want them to feel that I am beneficial to them, but they have to be able to add value to my life.

If we spend the majority of a 24 hour day sleeping, working, eating and traveling, then that means there is not much time left to make a positive impact.

This means coming home has to be in question. Is my house for me or against me? Am I really replenished while being at home or is my household just adding to my stress?

Is the time I spend traveling during the day beneficial? The type of music I listen to, the people I talk to on the phone and even the ride to work now matter in regard to my well being.

Sleep is one of the most important things you can give to your body. Am I getting enough uninterrupted sleep?


I also need to be concerned about the things I eat and drink. This has a huge effect on my wellness. I need to seek whole food without man-made additives. It’s hard to do in the US but not impossible.

This message is about how we handle this gift called life and the body God put it in. If you understand that the life you have is only because of Christ, then how are you treating this beautiful gift he gave you?

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Greed: Just One of America’s Cancers

The prophet Isaiah speaking about Israel and its sins in chapter 56 says, “They are dogs with mighty appetites; they never have enough. They are shepherds who lack understanding; they all turn to their own way, each seeks his own gain” — NIV.

I have been preparing a series of lessons on the subject of greed and I can’t help but apply what I am studying to these United States. I’ve been thinking of federal and state deficits, the homeless, those without healthcare, the children in trouble, illiteracy, obesity, disease, unemployment and all victims.

Then I look at our elected officials and their inability to solve anything. The people we have entrusted to solve the problems in America are at the same level of awareness that created the problem. In short, they cannot help us. Our three branches of government are for profit — both democrat and republican.

They are feeding their own bellies and do not care about us. In the midst of our infirmities, just in the presidential election both Mitt Romney’s camp and President Barrack Obama’s camp have raised more than 130 million dollars for the month of May. The one percent is flexing their power and spending millions to get their guy elected. There is a lot more money to be made and whatever side wins the election gets the cash.

As for the 99 percent, we get the same old dry promise that we too can share in the American dream. We’re promised that if we just try hard enough we too can have what they have.

When will we get tired of the promises? The residue of greed within us won’t let us to get tired.

I challenge you to keep track of the money donated in this particular election. It doesn’t take an accountant to see that the money spent on this coming election would solve most of our problems in America. The money donated for this election alone would create jobs, end homelessness, stop hunger, educate everyone, end obesity and provide healthcare for all.

The sad part is that you won’t read any news stories about this. You won’t hear or see Fox news or MSNBC make this a topic of discussion and you definitely won’t read it as an Associated Press story. This is a shame before God!

Stevie Wonder wrote in 1972 concerning our country’s leadership in the song “Big Brother”. He said,”You killed all our leaders. I don’t even have to do nothin to you. You’ll cause your own country to fall.”

And we’re not any better 40 years later. Sadly, we’re worse.

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Is capitalism ruining democracy?

Biblical scripture tells us that the love of money is the root of all evil.

Do you believe that?

We brag about our freedoms and we say that every country deserves our freedoms.

But what are we really saying with that statement?

Are we saying that we are the richest country? If we are saying that, it wouldn’t be true.

Are we saying we are the healthiest country? I hope not, because our healthcare system has been ranked in the 30s for years.

Are we saying that we have a better quality of life? That would simply be too hard to believe with the amount of prescriptions and over-the-counter medications we consume.

So what are we really saying?

Are we saying they should vote like we do? Or that they should pursue money … I mean happiness –  like we do?

It seems to me that freedom is overrated. We are free to do a lot of things. And that also means that other things are free to do us.

One thing we do well in America is make money. We are totally about the bottom-line. Screwing each other for a percentage is really what we are about.

It’s sad when you look at what we could be doing and then see the damage of what we are doing.

For example, in our country, we have a law that says the only way we can treat cancer is through surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. Are these really the most successful methods or just the ones that cost the most? In Mexico, American doctors are successfully treating cancer with very high doses of vitamin C.

We also have a law that says we cannot sue fast food chains because of obesity. Why do we need a law for this?

If you look at how much money is being made off obesity the answer is clear. Suing one of the major sources of why we are fat would effect the bottom-line of those profiting from obesity.

We need to take control of this situation. The answer is simple: Take control of your own destiny. The answers are available you just have to keep looking.

The truth will set us free!

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Health care reform: A Start?

The events of the past few weeks have made it very hard for me to be a proud American. But not for the reasons you may think!

I’m still not sure how I feel about the health care reform. I know I was for the original draft. I’m still one of those guys who believe that just as our schools, fire and police departments and libraries function on a “universal” way of paying them – i.e., taxes. Our health care system would survive just fine if we adopted a plan similar to France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Canada or Great Britain.

These do not all function on a “universal” platform, but what they all have in common is that they have stopped trying to make a profit off of someone else’s illness.

All of these countries have fared well on the World Health Organization rankings for health care systems. We are a dismal 37 on that list. Is there no one else bothered by the fact that as great a country as this is, there are 36 other places in the world that have a better health care system than ours?

When you compare a country’s health care system to ours – let’s use Greece for example – Greece has about as many doctors as we have pastors and priests. Medical school is free in Greece and of course you know that not only is medical school costly in America, but lobbyists have even sought to control the enrollment and federal funding for it here. Those in Greece live longer, have better access to preventative medication and don’t suffer the insurance “fights” we have to for coverage.

It should be a crime in our country for someone to die only because our health care system failed them. It should be a crime that someone dies because we allowed an insurance company to refuse payment. And no one should die in our country because they couldn’t afford the cure.

It seems that we have taken a hands off approach to health care in that, “if it doesn’t affect my family – oh well!”

I was watching a local newscast in Detroit a few weeks ago and a Republican member of Congress mentioned that he was against the health care reform bill and later in the same conversation bragged of being a cancer survivor. The reporter conducting the interview challenged the congressman on his stance with the health care bill by saying, “It seems that you are one of the lucky ones. What if you couldn’t afford the cancer treatments? I guess then I’d be talking with someone else …”

As I said earlier, I thought that I was for this bill. It started to change and even after reading and searching through the entire proposed reform bill – something we independents like to call research – it dawned on me that most of this bill doesn’t even go into affect until 2015!

That’s a problem!

It seems that there are many items that will “pop up” or take effect down the road long after we’ve forgotten about it. No explanation was given for this.

And then, the president and CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield endorsed this bill.

That’s a huge problem.

Insurance companies (HMOs in particular) created this problem and have been the enemies since the 70’s. For Blue Cross and Blue Shield to give it the thumbs up, means something is wrong.

And finally, the passage of this bill exposed the “ugliest” part of our capitalistic society. It showed that the men and women placed in Congress – by our votes – could be bought.

Congress said things, did things and wasted many tax dollars to only get paid for their services through donations from the private sector. No one (Republicans or Democrats) has written any legislation to stop this madness. Why is it just “OK” for a senator to waste tax player money filibustering on a subject he really is out of touch with? Then after all is said and done, we find that said senator has received a generous donation from the industry he filibustered for.

All in all, I believe that the health care reform bill is better than what we had. More Americans will receive health care coverage and the denials for preexisting conditions should eventually go away.

With that said, before we can really make strides in our health care system, we must all first CARE.