I love you

We’re in a fight!

It really starts with the spiritual warfare within, but it’s most commonly seen manifested in the flesh. Hate is going around breaking hearts and it’s out of control. Hate is the fire in our society that burns everything. In its path are charred remains of hurt people, broken lives, the walking dead. Clearly hurt people will . . . hurt people. And this hate has a platform. All you have to do is turn on the news or read the latest headlines. The media will tell you that if it bleeds it leads. They actually believe that we want to see that junk. The truth is that misery loves company and there are actually viewers out there who would rather watch someone else’s tragedy than their own. So we watch and we’re thankful that it’s not us — at least not yet.

God gave us a trump card for hate. You guessed it, it’s love. And as powerful as you see hate displayed, I’m telling you love is a hundred times stronger. Just as Superman has his kryptonite, hate hates to see love come calling. And oh boy when it does … You see hate knows it can’t do anything with love. Just as light chases darkness out of a room so can love manhandle hate.

God chose not to give love a platform and for good reason. The more hate uses its platform, the weaker it gets. People get in a state of apathy and become desensitized. It no longer has the shock and awe that it used to have. Love on the other hand was always intended to be shared through word of mouth. No big advertising campaigns, no media blitz, just someone who cares shows up in the midst of your rage, pierces in your eyes as to look directly into your soul and says, “I love you”.

I love you! I love you! I love you! And you can’t do anything about it! I love you not for what you have done, nor for what you have. I don’t love you because you deserve it or because of what you think you’ve done. I love you because God first loved me!