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Guess it does not matter anymore . . .

I remember in the 90s when then President Bill Clinton had charges brought against him for perjury and obstruction of Justice because Congress was attempting to impeach him. The real reason behind the impeachment was the sexual harassment charges filed against Clinton by Ms. Paula Jones.

Old boy Bill had been a bit naughty on more than one occasion and the Republicans went ballistic! The party used the morality argument saying how could a man run the country if he could not manage his home?

Evangelicals pounded their chests, pointed fingers and threw Holy scriptures at the Clintons. The First Lady did not get much support as she attempted to pick up the pieces of their broken relationship. Rev. Jessie Jackson reached out to help the couple and despite the president’s success, hanging was too good for him.

This just shows that family values were to be honored in this country and it mattered for the highest position in the free world that whoever stepped  in those shoes could tow a moral line.

I have no problem with that, in fact I applaud the effort and at this level we should expect a higher standard of morality from our leaders. Say what you want about the current president, but the Obamas were very strong in this area.

In the history of the US presidency there has only been one divorcee and that was Ronald Reagan. Two presidents were widowers and married while in office and one president was single.

Donald Trump is on his third marriage and has a blended family. He has had as many wives as he has had bankruptcies and people still believe he is a successful business man and his marriages have never come up.

I assume this is where our country is now. We no longer care about family and the purity of marriage. If you have money in this country, you really can do whatever you want because the gatekeepers are sellouts!

The Clintons or Trumps should have never been allowed to run for office. In the 80s and earlier I don’t believe they would have been eligible because of their moral issues.

I appreciate the Bush family for the standard they set for family and all the other presidents who sought to set the example this way. The soul of America is sinful and the spirit is ignorant. It won’t be long before this body is destroyed.

BUT I guess it really doesn’t matter anymore ….

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Calm before the storm


It has been a while since I have posted a blog because I have been busy promoting my first book and writing my second, but with 21 days left before election day I felt it necessary to give a few words about candidates.

We are witnessing the last month’s of the Obama era and I remember how I felt in 2008 when we were about to vote for the presidency and I had the opportunity for the first time in my life to vote for a president that looked like me. For the first time I could see a new connection with the democratic process and I thought that for the first time there was a place for me in America.

I actually felt like a pilgrim up until this point. Well, after 8 years and failed expectations that I had for the first Black president, I learned more about government processes than I cared to know. I learned more about my friends (or so-called friends) and more about my enemies. I learned more about why America was in the position it is in and I learned that our political parties are too self serving to do well for the masses.

I want a candidate who takes responsibility for the allegiance to our flag that we speak and who values every person called an American regardless of their color, creed or nationality.

I want a candidate that fears God and believes that accountability is to him first instead of interest groups.

I want a candidate who will end the war against people of color and bring together all sides. I need a person who will stop allowing companies to profit off the demise of others. I want a candidate who will end our involvement in all wars.

Dear reader ask yourself if you would like to be treated the way Black people are treated in this country? Ask yourself would you like to be treated like Hispanics are treated in this country? Or better, ask yourself would you like to be treated like we treat women in this country?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe we have ever had a candidate that cared about or could do anything about these things. We have never had a president that made these issues priority with any success and sadly, it will not happen this time either. It has been said that a revolution is coming. Are you ready for that?

Happy Election Day!

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Who is really to blame?


So the month of September went out with a bang literally as America has suffered another mass shooting.

The usual things took place after the shooting including major media coverage, a speech from the president and social media debates.

Friends we have a serious problem.

Now of course we have all heard the ridiculous argument that guns are harmless by themselves, but that goes directly against why they were created in the first place. Mass shootings bring out the worst of our society. It shows that the freedoms we believe we have only provide a cover up for the real truth — that we are enslaved to our political system and process, that only provides for the greedy and oppresses the needy.

There have already been 9,948 killings by firearms this year alone, compared to about 3,521 total terrorism-related deaths since the 70s in the United States. Moreover, The Washington Post reports that, 2015 has yet to go eight days without a mass shooting event–one in which four or more people are killed or injured by gunfire–with a total of 294 shootings taking place in just the 274 days of the year, so far.

It is interesting that other countries like America have passed laws that have stopped their mass shootings. Our media — as much as it racially profiles other crimes — has yet to produce a profile on mass shooters — another interesting tidbit.

My point in this message is not to eliminate guns altogether because they do serve a purpose and I carry one myself. There are those of us who work in professions that expose us to varied personalities. As a psychotherapist I deal with mental health and people who are challenged mentally and emotionally — the very reason our law enforcement officers carry.


I am a great supporter of ammo regulation, eliminating the sale of automatic and semiautomatic weapons to the public and psychological evaluations before purchase. It should also be illegal to sell firearms online.

I know this is not popular and I am well aware of our constitutional rights. My only question is whose family member has to die in a mass shooting before our government takes a serious look at this problem?

God forbid this to happen, but I wonder how soon we could expect new gun laws if the Pope during his visit had opened fire on Congress and killed 28 representatives with an AK 47 assault rifle. It’s ridiculous, I know, and this Pope is definitely a Pope of peace and unity, but still the point remains. I am tired of seeing these types of deaths when all we have to do is pass a law. Our country is better than this.

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Give God’s word free range


The apostle Paul in his second letter encouraged the Thessalonians in chapter 3 to allow the Word of God to have free course or free range and to be glorified.

Sounds easy enough except that most folks today have a hard time understanding this. To allow God’s word to have free range is to allow it all over your life — even in the areas you are not willing to surrender.

We would rather apply God’s word out of convenience — for example if I don’t struggle with lying or cheating then I’m quick to learn those scriptures and tell my brother that he should stop these things according to God’s word.

The issues we struggle with we try to hide them from God’s word. We know his word is always applicable but the problem is not in application.

I liken this to the way we raise chickens in America. There was a time when chickens were naturally raise on a farm and they had room to run around and get strong naturally. They had “free range” of motion and less fat. They were happy and ate well. They were clean and free from chemicals. From egg to adult it would take 90 days.

Today, science has cut this process in half — 45 days and the chicken’s breast — because America loves white meat — would grow three times the normal size. Their little legs could not hold the excess weight and their legs would break. Sadly, chickens today are kept in darkness not allowed to move around and they sit in their own feces. They are fed steroids and on day 45, they are snatched out of darkness and taken to slaughter. Then this steroid – filled fatty meat is cooked and put out to eat. We see the results really well in our children: Seven year olds look 13 and 13 year olds look 21.


Chicken is much more deadly when not allowed to move and live and so is the word of God. You see, when we hide truth from ourselves, we end up establishing our own righteousness instead of yielding to the righteousness of God. Now the word which was designed to bring life, we cause certain death.

Dear friend are you allowing the word of Christ to dwell in you richly? Does the word have free course in your life or are you just applying it’s blessings and not heeding the call of its warnings?

Take the whole counsel my friend.