What being a dad means to me

I’m in love with being a dad,

I give my kids what I wished I had.

They live their little lives and have no clue

of the sacrifices made and the things I do.

I watch them grow up and I’m surprised at what I see,

a son and two daughters who remind me of me.

I get to provide for them, I’d die for them; I love to make a fuss,

I teach them to be responsible and try not to cuss.

With eyes so big and full of joy,

he’s full of potential, I’m talking about my boy!

Two heads full of hair and smiles that light up the night,

My daughters are gorgeous and they’re being raised right.

To be their protector and teacher is an honor for me

I learn more from teaching them who they really ought to be.

I thank God each day for the three I got,

You put your hands on my babies you will probably get shot!

I love you son, daughter and baby girl too,

I hope you appreciate your dad as much as he appreciates you!

5 Replies to “What being a dad means to me”

  1. Awww – Happy (ok Belated) Father’s Day!

  2. I love this! Good word ! Often times Dad(s) gets a bad rap. And some cases rightfully so But what about the fathers who are putting there love in action. We hear little of the fathers who are doing there best to make a difference. Oh there out, it seems we hear more of the bad than good. As always you put things in the right perspective. Love ya my brother. Keep up the good work, keeping faith In the Kingdom of God.

    HAPPY Father’s Day!

    1. Thank you my brother and you are absolutely correct! Particularly when we speak of minorities and fatherhood it seems as though ignorance and the media have painted a very ugly picture. I am an African-American male and I am the head of my household. My kids were planned and fully functional because of the environment I created. This is not to knock the brothers that have had struggles, but just simply to say we exist and it was not an accident! Thanks for your comments and Happy Father’s Day!

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