Who’s preying on you?

How do you shop? Do you shop based on what you know about your needs or do you shop based on desire?

The world expects us to follow our desires and literally impulse everything. Quick decisions are great as far as capitalism is concerned. We live in a society that encourages buying what you don’t need on credit; living above your means because you desire it; and following our feelings and not what we know.

As innocent as Facebook started, why do you think they came up with the “like” button? Now we see ads on TV where companies are asking us to go to their Facebook page and “like” them. That’s no accident my friends. The powers that be have already figured out how to turn “likes” into dollar signs.

By revealing what you “like” it makes it easier to market things at you. I wonder what revealing what you “know” will do?

We need to be wise in how we proceed. God gave us the ability to process and meditate and it is in these things that our dominion over animals rests. Take away my ability to think and I will be prey. Maybe the bigger question here is who is my predator?

I tell you this truth: Trace where your money goes to find your predator.