Wounded Souls

We can learn a lot about our country by the things that are “trending” in social media. You know, the things that hit facebook, twitter or youtube that get the greatest number of likes or dislikes. The most recent of these was really disturbing to me in many ways.

Now, I try not to be judgmental as I know that we all enjoy the freedoms of our country and this is part of the American way to exercise freedoms. The youtube video that I have posted in this blog was very disturbing to me. A 25-year-old female was belligerent on a city bus in Cleveland, OH. Her aggression was toward the bus driver and in an interview with a local station in Cleveland, she reported that the driver insulted her because he was treating her like she couldn’t afford the fare for the bus. The video shows the two of them going back and forth hurling insults at each other until there is a dare. Although it can’t be made out too clear on the video, the idea of spitting was introduced and the female apparently did it.

The 59-year-old bus driver who had been driving the bus for more than 22 years stopped the bus, approached the female and gave her a nasty uppercut to the face. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0gLEsjE8Ao&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Worse than this video in my opinion was the likes and dislikes tally and the comments. People made fun of this scenario and felt that she deserved what she got. I looked at this and instantly thought about her father. I wondered if she had a father active in her life and how he would respond or feel about watching this. As a father, to say it bothered me is a huge understatement.

For the life of me I cannot think of a single reason why a man would ever need to physically abuse another person. It makes me wonder what level of hate do you have to reach to make it “ok” to display this type of violence. I felt sorry for this man because his environment and nurturing produced this product of a man. This man has no regard for mankind, his job or any authority. I say this because he had no mercy on this woman. This woman could have been my mom, sister, wife or daughter. Or yours. He definitely had no regard for his job because I’m not sure that any amount of years of service makes it “ok” to punch out a customer. And finally, regard for authority was missing because he does live in the civilized world and battery is still a crime. It would be hard to believe that this man felt threatened by this woman.

I wonder if he has any regard for Jesus? I keep emphasizing the man because I’m a man and I am thankful that I don’t know this level of anger.

The woman was wrong. I feel bad that she is clearly missing a few life lessons that could have been applied in this case which may have avoided this altercation all together. She either forgot it or never received it and had to suffer the consequences. Smh.