Jesus — The way truth and life (Part 2)

truthSometimes it’s hard to face the truth. It is especially hard when you are totally guilty and the truth convicts you. I have been in many situations in my life where I got that feeling deep down inside that made me uncomfortable being wrong. Guilt is something that comes from the inside out not the other way around. It might even be easier if guilt came from the outside in because then people could actually see guilt come upon them and there would be no need to cover it up.

We have become masters at covering sin and guilt. If we would only spend the time covering sin and avoiding it all together, our lives would be much better. Truth cuts. And it really hurts when it cut. It seems that it can get even worse if we first thought that we were right only to find out later that we were dead wrong. There are people serving time in prison for crimes they did not commit and it seems as though our society is not interested in knowing the truth. We could do great things in freeing these folks if we wanted to. However, we are still running from truth. Now that we have DNA testing, wouldn’t you think that we would test every rapist in prison who claimed he didn’t do it. We could improve our justice system immensely if we did this.

Back when Jesus was on trial, the Jews handed him over to Pilate and the dictator could not find any fault in him. Given the fact that he couldn’t find any fault and the Jews hating Jesus so much prompted Pilate to ask the question, “what is truth?” One of the reasons Jesus came to earth is so that we could put his picture in our dictionaries under truth. Jesus proclaimed to his disciples that he was the way, truth and life and that it was impossible to get to the Father without him.

It was these very same statements that put Jesus under fire with the Jews. This situation had escalated so badly that Pilate referred to their custom of releasing one prisoner a year and he thought for sure they would release Jesus. You see, there was only Jesus and a guy named Barabbas in Jail. Barabbas was a known thief and was totally deserving of jail time. The angry crowd said to release the robber and for Jesus, string him up on a tree! Pilate was shocked! Satan applauded! And through this act God got the last laugh. Salvation became available to the world because of what happened then and it all happened because people did not want to face truth.

Unfortunately, we still live in a time where truth is sometimes too much to bear. If we would ultimately face the one absolute truth, then all the other truths would be easy. The one truth I speak of is that God has made the same Jesus who was crucified, both Lord and Christ and if we want to see the creator’s face in peace, we must be born again! Amen!

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