Respect for all things

imagesCA6M5MVVSometimes the simplest lessons get past us. We don’t think anything of killing an ant, squashing a pesky fly or any other bug.

We live in a violent society. We rage war, buy weapons and loose control. We seek revenge and we allow our anger to get the best of us. In the midst of it all we treat cows, chickens and pigs horribly, but will send a man to jail over dog fighting. We will hunt and kill for sport and even allow certain species to become extinct.

We would have more respect for each other, I believe, if we practiced respecting the things God gave us dominion over first.

It takes nothing from our character to respect all the things God created, rather it enhances who we are. Gen. 24 tells the story of Rebecca and the fact that she passed the “camel test”. Basically she not only showed kindness to a traveler by giving him water, she also made sure his camels had their fill of water too. The point is that her respect for all things did not go unnoticed and for that she became the promised child’s bride.

You see, if just a little respect goes a long way, then what would our country be like if everyone practiced it?

As children of God we should respect what he respects, love what he loves and forgive like he does. Only then will we have true inner peace.

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  1. Your words are so true! If we respect every thing and every body then respect will be shown to us! HALLELUJAH!!

    1. Thank you. I just try to let God speak through me to draw folks closer to him! Thanks for reading sister! 🙂

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