God’s eyes

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we lived in a world where we always saw eachother through God‘s eyes? Can you imagine it? Having the ability to look past our faults so that we can see what we can become. God tips the potential scale in us all because whatever we are today, God can make us far better tomorrow.

You ever wonder how he does that? I mean how does the creator of the universe look past our faults? Do you think it bothers him to see us as a fallen creature? Do you think he gets tired of taking the high road and suffering certain things to be so in order to bring about his end? When God said he “so loved” the world. He really meant it!

The bible tells us that it was while we were yet sinners, Christ died (Rom. 5:8). That means that in the midst of our sins and at our weakest point, we deserved death, but God sent his son to die instead. When God created “justice” he knew what he was doing. God would not allow justice to be violated by his love for us. Justice demanded death to the guilty and our God satisfied both — Justice got it’s death, we got our salvation and grace and mercy was born.

Because of this, the New Testament writers remind us of what God did as a method of encouraging us to return the favor. God expects our appreciation for what he has done to show in our actions towards one another. God wants us to look beyond someone’s faults and not only see them for what they can become, but start treating and helping them reach that potential.

It’s easy to hold grudges, keep a record of wrongdoings and alienate someone from your life, but it is the true worshipper who has the eyes of God.