Members one of another

The body of Christ is just that: Christ‘s body. And as we have been added to his body, this becomes the framework of how we treat one another. In 1 Cor. 12:12-27, the bible teaches how as the Church we are connected to each other literally comparing us to a physical body. I believe this is the secret to understanding the true fellowship we are supposed to have.

You see, God expects that we will operate like an organism and not an organization. In an organization we show up to meetings, we pay our dues and we abide by the rules of the organization. This is how some churches have decided to teach fellowship. In this model, we are not connected as members one of another, but we have become an organization that does not use righteous judgment. These are virtually man-made groups.

The body of Christ is an organism. This organism has three distinct characteristics that separate it from the organizations that we see in the name of religion. Christ’s body is unified. Eph. 4:3-7 not only tells us to try to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace, but it also tells us of the oneness in Christ as there is one Lord, one faith, one baptism and one God.

Christ’s body is not a respecter of persons and neither is God. This means that there are no BIG I’s and little u’s in the Lord’s church. There should be no preferring one over another, but loving the body as Christ loved us. We were even instructed to Love each other this way as proof that we are disciples of Christ (John 13:34, 35).

In addition to unity and equality, the body of Christ is dependant on each other. My thumb cannot decide that it will not work with my fingers any longer. My hands cannot decided that they want to be feet all of a sudden. And my neck cannot decided to go on strike and not lift up or turn my head. God intended that his church members would be dependant on each other. We should be able to count on each other. There should be no doubt as to our loyalty, love, lifestyle and learning. The church should be more than just a form of Godliness. We should be ever learning and coming into the knowledge of the truth.

We need to take self-examination of the Church where we attend. If it is the body of Christ then unity, equality and dependability will be abundant. If it is worldly then it will be nothing more than an organization.

Remember Jesus said that you would know them by the fruit they bear!

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