Give God’s word free range


The apostle Paul in his second letter encouraged the Thessalonians in chapter 3 to allow the Word of God to have free course or free range and to be glorified.

Sounds easy enough except that most folks today have a hard time understanding this. To allow God’s word to have free range is to allow it all over your life — even in the areas you are not willing to surrender.

We would rather apply God’s word out of convenience — for example if I don’t struggle with lying or cheating then I’m quick to learn those scriptures and tell my brother that he should stop these things according to God’s word.

The issues we struggle with we try to hide them from God’s word. We know his word is always applicable but the problem is not in application.

I liken this to the way we raise chickens in America. There was a time when chickens were naturally raise on a farm and they had room to run around and get strong naturally. They had “free range” of motion and less fat. They were happy and ate well. They were clean and free from chemicals. From egg to adult it would take 90 days.

Today, science has cut this process in half — 45 days and the chicken’s breast — because America loves white meat — would grow three times the normal size. Their little legs could not hold the excess weight and their legs would break. Sadly, chickens today are kept in darkness not allowed to move around and they sit in their own feces. They are fed steroids and on day 45, they are snatched out of darkness and taken to slaughter. Then this steroid – filled fatty meat is cooked and put out to eat. We see the results really well in our children: Seven year olds look 13 and 13 year olds look 21.


Chicken is much more deadly when not allowed to move and live and so is the word of God. You see, when we hide truth from ourselves, we end up establishing our own righteousness instead of yielding to the righteousness of God. Now the word which was designed to bring life, we cause certain death.

Dear friend are you allowing the word of Christ to dwell in you richly? Does the word have free course in your life or are you just applying it’s blessings and not heeding the call of its warnings?

Take the whole counsel my friend.