Do you remember? September

So for the month of September I am doing themed blogs that will carry the title of a famous recording artist(s) and this month is the group Earth, Wind and Fire. The song and title of this blog is September named after one of my favorite songs by the group.

What I love about this group, other than the feel good music they play, is the energy in this group. This song is energetic and you can feel the energy flowing through the song.

This reminds me of how our bodies react when we have a great idea, doing something we love, feeling real good or when we win at something. Our body and mind are having a concert together and it feels great!

It is interesting how when we make decisions that are contrary to who we are or we participate in something that is not in our best interest, we seem to fall apart, first sub consciously and then all over.

Our body is the first to tell us it’s wrong. Have you ever said the phrase: “This doesn’t feel right”? You must listen to the body’s warning. Life is about decision making and those who do well make consistent decisions that elevate your status. You hang out with go-getters and you surround yourself with people on the move.

If your life has been a series of mishaps — some you cause and some you didn’t. If you have been in trouble more times than you care to remember and have even suffered a loss because of decisions, then you are having a horrible concert inside.

When you see the video below of the group performing this song, you see harmony, organized musicianship and a gorgeous melody.

You need for your body and mind to function this way. This means that some things, ideas, past mistakes and people must go!

Harmonize you life. Give yourself energy and allow for Earth, Wind and Fire to take you there.