Can’t Hide Love

An older business owner was taking a months vacation and entrusted his establishment to a recent college grad who would run things while he was away.

The older gentlemen specifically said to the college grad not to change a thing. “Just let it be,” he said.

Not one week later the college grad realizes that everything in the store was freely given — meaning there were no financial benefits to this business that had really great products that were in demand. He though it was set up wrong and he was glad to be able to help out this old timer.

He also wondered why the everything was in a sealed brown bag. “No one sees the product until they take it … this is crazy!”

So he calls the old man back to the establishment and they had it out! You young man said, “How in the world are you still in business? This is all wrong and people can’t even see their product!”

The old man explained that he only has three products and he opened the bags so the college guy could see. The products were faith, hope and love and his greatest product was love. He said it is freely given based on need. No charge!

The college grad did not understand and he said how do you profit from that? The old man smiled and said, the more you give away, the more you get back and his store is fully stocked. The old man showed him a hidden room in the back full of bags.

This simple lesson: God fully supplies us with the things that we need but set in place the law of the harvest that we might reap what we sow. The moral is you can’t hide love. Now how are you reaping?