So let’s really have the talk about self esteem

Self esteem is defined as confidence in one’s own worth or abilities. You would think that everyone would have confidence in their own abilities, but clearly we do not. And to make matters worse, we pass low self esteem on to the next generation.

Self esteem starts at home. Mommy and daddy nurture baby and gives him or her confidence in just being baby. Then little tasks are put in baby’s way so that esteem can be develop from successful completion of said tasks. This is repeated for the next 18 years and baby has fully grown up into a well balanced young man or young woman and ready to take on the world’s challenges.

In a perfect world.

However, in the world we live in, baby would need years of counseling to deal with what didn’t happen at home and what did happen at school. He or she would have to figure out that they have some value beyond any abuse they suffered and by the time they reach 18, they are normally too discouraged to continue to battle or fool with esteem.

So these young people will start processing their self esteem through relationships, jobs or possessions. They will use these things to hide the wounded inner child that is afraid to come out.

Sadly, all interactions become conditional and they can’t find a true friend. Facebook becomes their best friend and they start to tell all of their private business on social media platforms and then wonder why people avoid them.

Low self esteem doesn’t allow you to see that you have put yourself on the butt end of a fake reality show that you launched on social media. You look really bad and you can’t see it. You date losers or others who need fixing. You constantly help and show love to others but get nothing in return.

Every adult relationship has been jacked up and actually believe you were in love before. Who is going to fix this nightmare? Who is going to make your situation better?

Start with the one in the mirror and get them counseling fast!