Frustration road again?!?

There are three problems with being frustrated.

First, there is a problem with how you landed on frustration. You worked up to what you thought was something better only to find out that it was worse. Great planning (so you thought), everyone was on board and then almost like magic, the bottom falls out. Or your situation may have been as simple as you needed someone to understand what you were saying and everything you said was interpreted wrong.

However you got there, it seemed sudden. There was not an exit sign that said “frustration this exit”. If so we would not have taken the exit. Frustration just appears. You were driving to happy land and turned right onto frustration way.

Screaming doesn’t help. Cursing does nothing. You just got to unpack your sh#t and stay a while.

The second problem is that the people around you don’t help. They see you are frustrated and they try to avoid you like the plague. When you are frustrated and need help, it’s like being stranded and everyone that claims to love you is not answering their cell. The worst feeling ever is to have frustration without friends — it sucks!

Then finally the third thing is the analysis of why you got frustrated. How did you end up here again? Why do you keep making multiple trips to this place? And then there is all the stuff you need to apologize for because you didn’t go to frustration-ville quietly– you were kicking, screaming and cursing all the way. Then there is the judgment of the witnesses who are so freakin shocked that you lost it! Then there are the churchy people who want to tell you that you shouldn’t have done what you did. Then there is the optimist who wants you to know that they believe in you and finally, your enemy is in the corner laughing his butt off.

Those are the three problems and short of blowing everyone up, we take it and move on to try another day. And you still have to replace the things you broke!