God simplified: Is there really a plan for you?

There is this idea or misconception that God has a plan for everyone. Now, I have not ever seen a specific scripture for this but it is a narrative that is said over and over by religious talking heads.

It seems this understanding of God is designed to give you purpose. You know, like if you are doing absolutely nothing with your life and then someone tells you that God has a plan for you, then you instantly (if you believe it) spring into action and attempt to start doing something because after all– God has a plan.

This paints an interesting picture of God because if He did have a plan for everyone then you would have to assume that if everyone had a plan, each plan would be part of an even larger plan and the outcome would be so glorifying and edifying to the world that everyone would totally see the hand of God in all these collective plans. Or at least history would show us some kind of plan coming together on some massive scale, wouldn’t it?

But it would be impossible to live on this planet and not see a larger plan that unifies and edifies the human race if there was one.

My friends, what I see and believe instead is that Satan has a plan of destruction for everybody and when you look at this planet you can see the global terror. Hate is everywhere. And has an entourage of greed, jealousy, anger, lies, strife and violence where ever it goes.

God is not competing or trying to offer a greater plan. I totally believe in free will and our ability to chose our own fate with or without God. And the bible teaches that God is long suffering which means he could stand to look at our calamities longer than we can. God is greater than the whole time continuum so waiting it out would be nothing for him.

God stands by and allows you to be whoever you want to be. He doesn’t get involved unless He is invited. There are many living a certain way and have never invited God into their life.

Now when I say invite I am not talking about the “letting him in your heart” jazz. That has an origin and not only did no one do that to be saved in scripture but google the phrase and you’ll be shocked at how young that teaching is.

I am talking about having already established your connection back to God by uniting with His son through baptism and deciding to live a life following Jesus’s steps (Rom.6:3-6). He said he came to do the will of the father. If he becomes my elder brother through baptism then that should be my will too. Right?

But what of a plan?

There is no plan required. You see, God should get glory from my life as I live it. Whether I’m a CEO, garbage collector, fireman or homeless, God should get glory out of my daily living. Glory means here that my attitudes and decisions can be connected or traced back to some virtue or characteristic of God. For example, I see someone in need and I decide to help for no other reason than it was the right thing to do. God gets glory. If I comfort someone in need or I spend my hard earned money to assist in someone else’s stabilization or I simply go check on the elderly — through all these, God gets glory.

Now I live my life this way because of what I have already inherited which is nothing I could have earned anyway. This is what a life of faith looks like and I don’t need to create some new thing or eternal plan to make me feel good about myself. I am simply using my free will and choosing to honor God with the life He saved. Think about it!