Is there a cause worthy?

Our country has been divided for so long it has become a way of life for us. Division is our new normal and it seems that their is not a cause worthy enough to make us set aside our differences for the greater good. Is there still a greater good?

When we joined WWII we seemed to be on the same page although before and after the war was quite shady.

Before the war we were selling tanks, jeeps and other heavy vehicles to both sides. When the war ended, not only did we renege on our promises — especially to minorities — but when the bounty from the war was rolled out in the form of jobs, the pay for those jobs were given with prejudice. Minorities and women did not receive equal pay and didn’t even have access to the best jobs.

Fast forward to the 21st century and we are now expecting wealthy people to look out for the welfare of poor people. The wealthy people are in government and congress and there is no greater time in our history when politics have been played to the degree it is today.

More promises. More politics and no change. No matter what political party is in charge: More promises. More politics and no change.

As citizens we struggle with healthcare, debt, fair and livable wages and a stable future.

Currently, the 20-

plus Democratic presidential hopefuls believe they have the answers for us. They have spent years in congress and now they want to fix problems that are 30 years old. Republicans aren’t any better, 2016 they were singing the same song that they have all the answers — nothing has changed.

I struggle to find a cause that would force government and Congress to work together for the benefit of the people they are supposed to serve.

So who is democracy really working for?