Can’t we all just get along?

It seems that in our country we have a problem getting along. The powers that be have forced us to choose a side and buy into the thought that you are either for or against. Who said that we have to choose a side? Who says that we have to be against anyone or anything?

We are adults created by God to make up our own minds on things. This is truly the benefit of clarity. To know that you have choice and can decide your own who, what, when, where and why is the benefit of being in your right mind. Why would you let someone take that away from you.

So, getting along is pretty easy when you consider a few things first. Before I am to get along with anyone else, I have to get along with self first. Why would I try to introduce a new interpersonal relationship to myself when my intrapersonal relationship is in turmoil. You see we live in a place where hurt people are hurting people and when you do not like the person you are, it is easy to focus that hate on someone else. But the truth is before you hate someone, you have to dislike yourself first. Hate has to dwell in you and then you cast it on to another. What do you think it’s doing inside of you?

So you must first love yourself before you can ever begin to have a mutual relationship. You must first respect yourself before you can respect others. This seems so elementary but it is the truth.

So if my intrapersonal relationship is right I am then ready to pursue a new relationship with others. I meet someone and before we say a word to each other I already respect them — because I respect myself. We then find common ground. During that search for common ground I choose to be non judgmental, I choose to be accepting and I choose to be honest. The greatest thing I choose to be is kind. When I do these things, common ground will be easy to find and we can begin a relationship allowing each party to live their truth. Now the level of involvement will be set by the energy shared in the dyad.

As simple as it sounds, kindness doesn’t cost you a thing. Neither does deciding who to love, forgive, accept or befriend. Hate, strife, jealousy and the like always come at a price. How much are you really willing to pay?