Spring and baseball

When you live in the Midwest the weather doesn’t always cooperate like you want it to. I mean don’t get me wrong I love the change in the seasons and I really enjoy all the gorgeous colors of fall. There is even a time when I great enjoy the snow! There is nothing like sitting at home on a super cold winter day with no particular place to go. You have a house full of food and the choice to stay in and watch the snow fall (which is quite peaceful) or go out and play in it.

The issue is that the snow comes during a particular time of the season and every time it seems to wear out its welcome. Winter lasts too long in Michigan! And it seems to get even longer every year. There is one thing that seems to help rush winter away and that is the start of baseball season! I’m really rooting for baseball. Last year was a great year and a strong finish. The world series last year was outstanding and definitely got me excited about this year.

It seems as though America’s pastime needs a marketing makeover. The players still have great talent but the excitement of the game is not like it was. I can recall growing up as a child we would go to the games, listen to Ernie Harwell, keep score, have a ballpark frank or two and looked forward to purchasing merchandise. I love that old English “D” that always represented Detroit and the smell of the ballpark! The boys of summer always get started with spring and the weather seems to cooperate with baseball. Openings days are hit or miss but it’s not long before the weather aligns with the game and order is restored!

Spring signifies a new beginning and the start of something new. It’s a time of renewal, reflection and planning. It’s a time where we can make full proof of our resolutions (if we have not given up on them). Let’s welcome spring with new ideas, new looks, new decisions and a positive outlook for this year! Play ball!!!