You have real meaning with me

Every now and then we should recognize those in our lives who help make things work. I’m taking about friends, family and co-workers that seem to be living part of their lives for you. They make sure you’re ok. They think of the small things you need and handle them. They are ready to throw hands for you and they always have an encouraging word.

When it comes to you these people always see the glass half full. They are your built-in cheering team. In the world we live in everybody needs a supporting entourage. The point of this blog is that the people who are that for you need to be celebrated — more than once. It would be hard to imagine not having these unsung heroes in your life. There are many who are not blessed to have the right support network and they fall under the weight and pressures of the world.

I owe the majority of my success in life to people who thought enough of me to make sure my “T’s” were crossed and my “I’s” were dotted. I could bounce ideas off these folks, they did the majority of my research and they helped me to be who I was meant to be. For me it’s the little things as these do-gooders made sure I ate healthy, had plenty of sleep, had plenty of relaxation and although I solved all the problems, I never did it alone.

It’s important for people not to feel taken advantage of or feel that their work is in vain. These people aren’t looking for credit or any fame … they just believe in you. How do you let them know that they have real meaning in your life? If you take these people for granted you will find yourself by yourself!

The great guru Bruce Lee said that words are energy and are like casting spells (this is why it’s called spelling) and you will become who you say you are. All positive people with have lots of positivity in their lives. The converse is also true. So express yourself in the most humble way you know how and let those in your corner know that you see their work and acknowledge their efforts!

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  1. Great blog this week……YOU, dear brother are one of my “inner circle” of friends, who I can ALWAYS count on to be there for me.
    Love ya.

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