A week of Thanksgiving…

We have now entered into the busiest times of the year and as October made us scary, November promises that our cups will overflow! December will be the gift that keeps on giving and we can start all over on New Year’s Day.

I thought it makes sense to take at least one month of the year to celebrate what and who you are thankful for. It seems we complain the entire year mostly about things we can’t control or things that make no sense to us or the direction the country is headed or the healthcare scares. With all that negativity we need to focus on some positives.

So literally I would like to encourage you to do this exercise with people close to you via text or in-person. Share with a special friend or group what you are most thankful for. It will be interesting to she what things matter most to you and your friends. And with all that positive energy going around, this could be the start of something big. So since this Thursday is Thanksgiving it would a decent conversation to add to the list of subjects you deal with during your big feast!

So here is my list! Enjoy!

Family, church, work, friends, God given ability, good health, my doctors, my readers, old TV shows, sports, Honey Combs cereal, eggs, Stacy Adams, innovation, opportunity, freedom, Iced coffee, fresh fruits and vegetables and Samsung.