December already?

It seems as though 11 months went by in a flash. I’m not sure if it is because Covid – 19 conditions got better or we started caring less about it, but things feel like it’s back to normal.

But what was normal? Well, I can vividly remember when Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in 2016. And I can remember seeing Trump impeached twice. I remember Joe Biden winning the election in 2020 and then things get a little blurry there. I always think about other countries whose elections produce results that the majority didn’t want — is that even possible?

Like for me being a Christian it is difficult to adjust to a “Christian nation” that would allow LGBTQ openly. But America has and I believe that is a majority. Now I could be upset, curse and scream about it. I can choose to be outspoken, act like a jerk or treat “those people” wrong, but none of that defines a Christian.

The only true alternative is to live my life my way and allow others the same. But what are we calling the thing inside of us that makes us want a victory by any means necessary? Is cheating in any way possible really an option for a person of integrity? Do we still have people of integrity?

When did we start believing things without proof? When did empirical data become a thing of the past? When we look back at 2022, what will this year be known for? It’s not the year that we came together as a country.

It’s not the year we passed laws to make our nation safer. It’s not the year that we did anything about criminal justice reform. And it won’t be the year where we stopped inflation. For me, this year will be remembered for all the deaths that happened. Deaths of loved ones, death of democracy, death of love one for another and the death of respect.

December is going to be a very cold month.