The season of Gratitude

December is here! We made it! This time of the year is really different for people in mourning. Whether you’re mourning the death of a person, place or thing it’s hard to be the celebratory happy that this season demands because of your grief.

To maintain good mental health you need to make sure that you get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of water. You must allow yourself time to be alone and make friends with the quiet.

It’s important to validate your own feelings and take responsibility for your own happiness. Surround yourself with positive people who are doing incredible things.

You also need a plan moving forward. It doesn’t mean you must plan to replace what was lost but it’s not a bad idea to consider the options. It also helps to assist others in their pursuit of happiness and even make someone else’s day if you can.

And above everything else, thank God for what has happened, what tragedies didn’t happen and all the other things the creator consistently provided during this year. You deserve to be happy at times and to be loved and we serve a God that never stops loving us and provides all of our comfort! Trust him and be thankful!