Celebrate the women you love!

I don’t believe women are celebrated enough!

I mean an argument could be made for celebrating anyone but from a male perspective, our female partners have a lot to put up with in life. They are still looked at as second-class citizens in regards to wages in America. They can’t seem to turn off their nurturing abilities meaning that in today’s society they do a lot more of nurturing grown men than kids.

Women make things beautiful, they are long-suffering, forgiving (most of the time) and extremely helpful. Most of them are resilient, patient, compassionate and strong.

When a woman is happy she can effect an entire building with her happiness. Her wrath works the same way. Women are fighters, like their animal counterparts they will defend their children with their very lives.

I wonder how many women are the sole support of their families? During the absence of men, women have had to be everything to everybody and they hardly complain. Whenever a women is not able to do this it’s because someone somewhere ruined her. They clipped her wings or took something so precious from her that spoiled her will to thrive.

A woman is similar to water as she is strong enough when she needs to be, comforting enough when the situation calls for it and can adapt to any situation you put her in.

This holiday season we need to go all out for the women that make the trials of life much easier to bear. What would we do without them?