The reason for this season

Christmas time is here! We are right in the midst of the holiday season and most things are quite festive and beautiful!

I love Christmas! I loved it as a child, I loved it while raising my own children and now I still enjoy it with my granddaughter! My family does it pretty big! As part of our tradition we can’t help but think about why our lifestyle is possible.

Despite the ills of America we are enjoying a wonderful life, guilt-free because of the blood of Christ! All of our blessings come directly from him!

Like the Ark, the bible tells of the story of Noah and his family’s obedience to the will of God in building an ark for the saving of souls. The time of building gave him the opportunity to preach a warning message to the people to surrender their sinful ways and serve God.

Noah preached about 100 years while the ark was being prepared but only 8 souls were saved. The point is God made a way for those souls to be saved by being in the safe zone of that ark. As long as they were in the ark nothing could harm them.

Being in Christ works the same way today! Those of us in Christ will be the recipients of his propitiation — meaning to avert the wrath of God by the offering of a gift! Jesus was that perfect gift/ark and those who have entered the ark or been baptized into his death (smae thing) we have made it to the safe zone and will be saved at judgment day.

Jesus is our ark. He is our safe place and if the nation wants to recognize him coming during this time of the year, I’m all for it! Merry Christmas everybody!!