Playing the blame game

Now that the new year has started it seems that we all would want to make some positive changes in our lives. There should be some kind of learning curve from year to year.

Each area of our lives should be re-examined to see if certain things need adjusting. One of our greatest wastes of time is or need to blame others. There is a such thing as the “blame game” and we play it when we feel at a disadvantage. That disadvantage could be that we already know we were wrong and we want to divert attention away from it or we are expecting to be blamed for something we didn’t do. In either case, we want to get the first “shots” fired.

Does it really matter who’s to blame? It just seems as though finding a fix or solution for the issue or problem would make more sense. It seems like we are infatuated with drama. Somehow the detailed facts of the drama captivate us to the point that we lose focus on what really matters. What a time waster!!!

It’s time to leave this time waster in the past and begin anew the things that are more profitable to us. As the 90s group TLC would suggest: Start solving and managing your own problems and don’t get siked out trying to chase waterfalls. Just stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to.

Treat your time as precious and valuable as it is and don’t participate in untruthful arguments or conversations this year. Let’s this year be the year of peace and tranquility. Covet your rest and relaxation and stay hydrated. Stay busy and active and watch what you eat as food can greatly effect your mood.

And finally, regularly pray. Talk to God about everything and then meditate and get read for his answer to your prayers. Trust God and live your best life!! Go be great!!!