Defining self: Hello 2023

We are now at the conclusion of 2022 and hopefully this has been a prosperous year for all. With all that has happened in this year, there was much to learn about life, love, liberty and our pursuit of happiness.

We saw much corruption on display in our government. We saw a few billionaires fold. We saw what great lengths people would go through to deceive the masses and we saw many people die, including in Hollywood.

We were also exposed to a real fact about people: With all the wonderful things that should come from the internet, we coveted cancel culture. People’s lives are being forever changed because of mistakes they make. We are allowing for one moment in time to define a lifetime of who we are.

There are many examples of this but the most memorable is probably the slap heard around the world during the Oscars. Will Smith versus Chris Rock — the battle that shouldn’t have happened.

Both aides of this coin were hurt, but Will’s hurt seems to be the gift that keeps on giving. From threats of violence to Smith and his family to derogatory things said about his wife, the former box office sensation is being defined and punished for his actions that night.

Of course he’s not above the law and his broad appeal becomes dangerous because everyone has an opinion. And because of those ongoing opinions his livelihood will take a huge hit! And the work and life he lived before the incident no longer matters.

The message here is simple: Never allow a single incident to make or break the life you have been living. The value you have aquired over the years does not change with one simple moment in time.

Rumors about Jesus got him killed just a week after he came to town and was celebrated for the work he was doing. Don’t allow mankind’s opinion of you to be the main thing that defines you — whether you have made a huge mistake or found a cure for cancer. We are all human and there is nothing else we can be. So just be the best human you can and be thankful for another year! If you get to see 2023, it means you have more time to do good things or over come the bad.

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  1. Really good read. My defining moment so far that has loomed over my relationship with my youngest sister has lasted now for 3 years, exactly 3 years, not a story to gain rave reviews, it’s a story that still hurts my family to this day, I will now give it to God because I thought I could make the difference. I give it to God, because he’s in control. Thanks for the thought provoking read.

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