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Something must be done about voter suppression

Wow! What an election!

I’m writing this blog hours before the final counts are in, but I wanted to put this idea out into the universe. Today it took me 2.5 hours to vote –that was the longest For me since I became eligible to vote. There were two precincts voting in one place and it was obvious that voter suppression was at play.

The city I live in is a metro area to Detroit. There are lots of townhomes, apartments, condos and houses in this area. Instead of dividing the two precincts in my area by addresses, congressional districts or even a Jedi using the force, someone decided that the homowners should vote in one precinct and everyone else in the other.

The result: homeowners could vote in less time than it takes to make a country breakfast. The other group might as well been standing in line for a roller coaster ride at cedar point on their busiest day! This was not just a divide by race (because there were some African-Americans disproportionate in each group) but financially as well.

As I stood in line I had this idea; what if before the election a proposal to impeach the Secretary of State was on the ballot in every state? So, if you didn’t like the way voting was arranged then you could do something about it immediately.

It’s as if minorities in America expect things to be unfair. We put up with all kinds of “stuff” assuming that we won’t get a fair shake in this country. I’m still wondering why voter suppression is not a federal offense punishable by mandatory jail time. Lol! I’m not wondering…I know why and so do you.

Voter suppression is as blatant now as it was when African-Americans were first given the right to vote. All of this is being done to “buy” our government. If “we the people” continue to lay down for these shenanigans then our government will be up for sale. If we sell our government into slavery, then doesn’t that make us all slaves?

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A month before the election and there’s nothing to get excited about

Don’t you just hate election season?

The worst of us comes out during this time. We actually get a glimpse at how divided our country really is. It’s sad that we are forced to choose sides.

The majority of the US is poor and hopeful that the election may change something in their favor. The wealthy are hoping for the same thing.

In our country we play with a lot of things, particularly terms. We will use a word that commonly means one thing, but we will give it another meaning. We even act as though all things are equal, when clearly they are not. For example, it bothers me every time a politician promises to create jobs. I often wonder what kind of jobs.

Even when they say the Obama administration has created X amount of jobs, what does that really mean? Is this a job that will allow a man to take care of his family or will the same man need three of these newly created jobs to do that?

Then the other party says, “His economic policies have failed us!” They want us to believe that they could have fixed every that happened during the Bush years. They say they would have created even more jobs. You know me, I then wonder what kind of jobs? No one ever talks about what kind of jobs. They just say jobs.

If you have been watching, I told you in the summer that this election would be the most expensive election in US history. And in the midst of the homeless and jobless, we will elect someone who will make more money being president than they did before they got the position. And they will make even more money when they exit the presidency than they made as president.

It’s October and I’m already tired of these ads. I don’t know about you, but this is depressing to me. Despite everything, please vote. Your voice will be heard. It’s one of our rights that people died for. It’s the least you could do.

It makes me long for the return of Jesus. Only he can make things fair.

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Greed: Just One of America’s Cancers

The prophet Isaiah speaking about Israel and its sins in chapter 56 says, “They are dogs with mighty appetites; they never have enough. They are shepherds who lack understanding; they all turn to their own way, each seeks his own gain” — NIV.

I have been preparing a series of lessons on the subject of greed and I can’t help but apply what I am studying to these United States. I’ve been thinking of federal and state deficits, the homeless, those without healthcare, the children in trouble, illiteracy, obesity, disease, unemployment and all victims.

Then I look at our elected officials and their inability to solve anything. The people we have entrusted to solve the problems in America are at the same level of awareness that created the problem. In short, they cannot help us. Our three branches of government are for profit — both democrat and republican.

They are feeding their own bellies and do not care about us. In the midst of our infirmities, just in the presidential election both Mitt Romney’s camp and President Barrack Obama’s camp have raised more than 130 million dollars for the month of May. The one percent is flexing their power and spending millions to get their guy elected. There is a lot more money to be made and whatever side wins the election gets the cash.

As for the 99 percent, we get the same old dry promise that we too can share in the American dream. We’re promised that if we just try hard enough we too can have what they have.

When will we get tired of the promises? The residue of greed within us won’t let us to get tired.

I challenge you to keep track of the money donated in this particular election. It doesn’t take an accountant to see that the money spent on this coming election would solve most of our problems in America. The money donated for this election alone would create jobs, end homelessness, stop hunger, educate everyone, end obesity and provide healthcare for all.

The sad part is that you won’t read any news stories about this. You won’t hear or see Fox news or MSNBC make this a topic of discussion and you definitely won’t read it as an Associated Press story. This is a shame before God!

Stevie Wonder wrote in 1972 concerning our country’s leadership in the song “Big Brother”. He said,”You killed all our leaders. I don’t even have to do nothin to you. You’ll cause your own country to fall.”

And we’re not any better 40 years later. Sadly, we’re worse.

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Memorial Day: A call for true patriotism

We have reached another Memorial Day weekend and with this being a presidential election year we really need to pray for the families of our fallen solders and our country.

We hear a lot these days about patriotism and we have been desensitized by politicians and the media to think that being patriotic means to be obedient to the state.

In these troubled times we have been discouraged from speaking out about our country’s debt being the result of wars we had no business participating in. Our economic crisis is the result of one thing only: Greed. Jesus said in the Gospel of Luke: “Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.” Our greed has caused the death of many, homelessness, financial destruction, loss of dignity, self respect, worldwide shame and dishonor.

The media still hasn’t run a story about the few that benefited from our wars. I have yet to see the documentary that exposes the truth about the last 20 years of how our government has performed. The closest the media has come to this feat is a recent book by MSNBC‘s Rachel Maddow called Drift. I highly recommend it. She created a wonderful history book that paints the complete picture of what happened during the administration of the last 10 or so presidents. It’s very interesting that the Revolutionary War was all about patriots fighting government abuse of the rights of the people. Back then, a 2 percent tax hike was TOO much.

In the 21st century, when do we reach too much?

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A reason to be outraged?

May 9, 2012 will be a day that goes down in history as another advancement in civil rights.

President Barack Obama gave his personal feelings regarding same-sex unions. Before doing this, his administration has already done many things for gays and lesbians in regards to their civil rights. In addition, he has done quite a bit in his presidency for minorities and the disenfranchised.

With that said, we need to remember the separation of church and state. Too many religious people will attempt to make this an issue for the church — it is not.

What we can’t do here is forget what our constitution says regarding equal rights. If you believe in the fabric of what our forefathers wrote about “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”, and if you believe in the Holy Bible and you understand the teaching of free will and judgement day, you should be very understanding of the events of the day.

Why you ask? Because no one I know voted for Obama because of his religious beliefs. I hope that no one has wasted a vote on any politician based on his spirituality.

What you should have done is voted based on the political views they claimed and their ability to get those things done.

But you don’t need me to tell you why you should vote. Instead, let me just remind you of God’s word.

There are many people who believe in trying to do God’s job. You see, God never invited us to His judgement seat. God invited us to the love seat; forgiveness seat; and benevolent seat. These are the things that Christians do.

We need to uphold free will — hand in hand with democracy! We need to make sure that we don’t create a scenario that backfires on us. How can I decide a choice for someone when I don’t want anyone to make choices for me?

In this country, there are many organizations (like the KKK) that I don’t agree with. I don’t even think they should exist. And despite the evil things done in their history I believe in their right to exist. Why? Because I’m a Christian and I’m an American. As a Christian I know what the bible says and I know who has the final say. I know who will judge the quick and the dead and I’m comfortable with His judgement.

As an American, my constitution is the standard and we have a history of being hypocrites. Just as other great Americans have done, I feel duty bound to speak up for the rights our troops are defending. People have the right to love and be with who they want. Whether I agree with it or not, they still have that right.

We need to make sure that we are not trying to hide bigotry behind the cross!

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Christian politics?

Is it possible to be a Christian in politics?

It seems like election time brings out the worst in us. We hear Christians speak of patriotism as if it were in the bible.

We say things that are in direct conflict with the teachings of Jesus, but we still claim to belong to him.

How can those who have much, not help those who have less? How could we think that Jesus would just be okay with this?

Jesus said for us to love our neighbor as he has loved us. Jesus loved us enough to actual give up his life for our sins. He rose from the dead with all power in heaven and earth. His victory in the grave was so profound! In the midst of this victory, the apostle Paul explains (eph. 4) that Christ “led captivity captive and gave gifts to men.”

These wonderful gifts were used to perfect the saints, equip the body for ministry and build up the saints.

My point here is this, there is nothing we have that we acquired on our own. Without Christ, we are nothing.

If I’m middle class and know that I HAVE because HE lives, then what right do I have to judge? How can I tell someone to simply pull themselves up by their boots straps when I didn’t do that? Many of the rich in our country are living off “old” money. Their grandfathers and great-grandfathers gave them a huge head start in real estate, finances, education and status. They were able to take these wonderful resources and grow them 10 and 100 fold or more.

There is a great divide in our country between those that have and those that don’t. And the viewpoint of the rich regarding the poor seems so judgmental. I think Mitt Romney summed it up well in his statement that he doesn’t care about the very poor. Newt Gingrich followed up Romney’s comment by saying he cares about the very poor and opportunity needs to be shown to them so that they can “stop being poor.” I don’t think he realized what he said. Can they really just “stop being poor?”

I see God using those who are poor and struggling in a powerful way. I believe these folks are there so that God can see the true intent of the rich. Will you help or will you hurt? 

We would be foolish to believe that any of the candidates on either side really care about the poor when we are still spending far more money in foreign relationship and war than we do on the needy in our own country.

I have been truly blessed to be able to provide for my family. And I am mindful and very much in touch with those that are struggling. As Christians we cannot say we honor God and turn a blind eye on those that are suffering.

We all need to do what our scope of influence will allow us to do because in this economy, you never know when things can go south. And for those who believe they are untouchable, you are grossly underestimating God!

Learn this lesson now before God takes you to school!