Why Jesus wept

There have been many theories and sermons done on the topic of why Jesus wept. I believe that although many lessons can be extracted from the story, there is only one “real” reason why he wept.

It was Jesus’ compassion for his friend Lazarus who had died. His family was weeping and his compassion moved him to tears.

A question to ponder is why would Jesus weep over a situation that he had the power to change? I know, good question, right?

Let’s look at this story closer. If you focus on Christ you will miss the point. Christ was all man and all God at the same time. So every now and then you see humanity seep out. But this does tells us a little something about compassion.

When we are moved with compassion it makes it very difficult for us not to feel. To feel things like sorrow, sadness and grief. A person moved with compassion will always seek to make things better.

Our world needs a few more criers. A few more people to actually care about a person’s well being instead of their own wealth. A person who is willing to look down at another man only to help him up.

Compassion is God’s contribution to our fellowship. He wants us to care enough to cry with one another and help one another.

So what are you waiting for?