Lose all those guilty stains!

Don’t you just hate the feeling of guilt? It’s those times when you know you’re wrong and the need to fix it becomes the largest problem. After all, who wants to be wrong?

Guilt only comes when we’ve learned better, but don’t put into practice what we’ve learned. We then do something with our eyes wide open. We knew better, but either lust, revenge, anger, fear or some other vice held us captive. We were literally drawn away by our own lusts and enticed which is what lead to the sin.

One of the reasons Jesus died on the cross for us was that he wanted us to see that there is another way. He wanted us to know that we have options and he didn’t want us held hostage any longer by sin. The real problem is that many don’t know they are free.

Zacchaeus was small in stature, but had a reputation much taller than he was. Zacchaeus was a chief tax collector of sorts. A rich man who must have heard about the choice because when Jesus came near him, he was seeking to find out who Jesus was and get to know him for who he was (Luke 19:1-10). So this little man climbed up a sycamore tree to see Jesus because the crowd around him was larger than his height would allow.

Clearly because of Zacchaeus’ desire, Jesus came to him and said I’m having dinner with you today. Zacchaeus was happy to oblige and during their fellowship, Zacchaeus was pricked in his heart and told the Lord that he would gladly repay fourfold for anyone he had taken advantage of. Isn’t that interesting? We don’t read where the day before this incident that Zacchaeus was contemplating turning over a new leaf. Yet something about being in the very presence of the Lord made this man want to change.

Dear reader, since we know that nothing is hidden from God, why are we not moved about being in his presence like Zacchaeus? The interesting part is that Jesus did not have “all power in heaven and in earth” when he sat with Zacchaeus. However, each one of us met the resurrected Jesus when we became Christians. That same Jesus who was crucified has been made both Lord and Christ.

So, if our all-powerful Lord watches over us and nothing can be hidden from him, then what’s our problem?