Marriage under attack?

The day after Valentine’s Day has become a Black Friday of sorts for one dark industry that is fast becoming a new U.S. trend. USA Today had an articles on Cupid’s day about a sports lawyer/agent turned opportunist/matchmaker with his website. His website, however, makes a way for married folks to discreetly hook up and allow nature to take its course. The website owner reported that the day after Valentine’s Day is one of his site’s busiest days.

His site gives options to those who are not satisfied with how their spouses handled Feb. 14. This is all made possible by two facts: The first is that similar sites for singles were being bombarded by married men who were faking the single status to get women. The second is that a sociology study reported that 67 percent of married men admitted cheating on their wives and 61 percent of married women admitted to cheating on their husbands. These facts created the need and ta-da! more of these sites are now coming to your area!

One argument is that dating sites for married people contribute to the destruction of marriage. Another argument is that adults are responsible for their own actions and whether sites like this exist or not, people are going to cheat. The main question to me is do you blame the guy who is selling lubricant at the gate of Sodom and Gomorrah for what goes on there? I say no!

This is one of those hard lessons in free will. We are given a choice and God wanted us to have a choice. There is no “good” without “evil” and there is no “love” without “hate” as terms like these will pull its definition from the other. I’m not for anything that hinders choice in consenting adults and God isn’t either. I am not condoning bad behavior, but I am supporting the system of choice God gave us. God wants us to have a choice when we choose righteousness rather than indignation — this is why he put us in the flesh.

The problem with marriage is not these discrete dating sites. The problem is when worldly definitions are placed on Godly things! The worldly definition of love has been the substitute for God’s love in marriages today. God’s love is the opposite of worldly love. The love of this world is conditional and God’s love is unconditional.

When marriage was established in the beginning God intended on there being a mutual love and respect for the union and the man and woman who came together to form the union. The bond itself was designed to be broken only by death.

Then reality hits.

People hooked up for every reason other than the right reason. People allowed infatuation, physical appearance, financial gain and children to bring them together. Some folks didn’t know much of anything about each other when they met but one year later, they get married. Then when trouble comes they want to consult God or use the word of God to control each other. Our father in heaven is not to be mocked. He won’t allow us to come to him on our carnal terms, but as he has outlined it.

We should not look any further than the mirror to find out the problem with marriage. And most marriages need professional help to manage these problems.

God is not judging our fall, he’s more interested in how we get up!

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  1. I think if a guy is using those sites, his marriage is already in ruins. It’s a symptom, not a cause.

    1. Excellent point! It’s a shame that in America we profit of the suffering of others. Whether it’s disease, obesity, marriage or death, we find a way to make money. This guy’s site made 60 million dollars last year! Only in America. Thanks for the comment!

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