Becoming truly independent on Independence Day


As June comes to a close we are set to focus on a summer which is in full swing.

The month of July reminds us that as a country, we took measures years ago to insure that we would enjoy freedom. We declared our independence and wrote songs about it. Heroes secured their place in history and it has been taught to future generations.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we not only remembered our independence as a nation, but we examined our own lives and sought independence for ourselves?

Over time we develop bad habits, bad relationships and bad dispositions. Maybe instead of complaining about them we decide to do something about them.

Maybe you have been a dumping ground for other people’s problems or a scapegoat for other people’s troubles.

Maybe you are in an unhealthy relationship or you are financially strapped because you are living above your means.

Maybe you are enabling someone in a negative way that keeps them handicapped from dealing with their own problems.

Whatever your lot, you can decide on Independence Day to free yourself! You should be in control of your life! Who better to make decisions for you, but you?

This just takes some planning and praying. You can do this. Free your mind and you body will follow. This would make July 4, 2013 the best holiday ever!

Think about it and make it happen. You deserve it!

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