How big a slice of the American Pie did you grab?


I was recently reading some literature about Bangladesh, you know, like where it is, population and economic information. It’s difficult to believe that there are some places that are so poor and without help, but yet the people still survive. I wonder how many people in Bangladesh accept that way of life and how many are searching for something better.

If you hear their “tourism speak” you would think that this place was the next up and coming – not! The world average per capita income is around 10k for 2008. In Bangladesh, the per capita income is $520 for the same year. In the U.S. it is $40,166.

So, just here in America, we have 4.52 percent of the world’s population. There are people living among us who are dirt poor. I mean so poor that it would seem that they are living in a Third World Country.

The point here is this: In America, we’ve gone through and we’re still going through trials and tribulations as a country. We know that money, fame and opportunity were never intended to be distributed equally. People all over are “settling” for whatever comes their way. Most are still just looking for a handout. Our elected officials are responsible for this. (Really it’s a bunch of folks, but I just feel like blaming them today!) We have created a permanent underclass of people – and I’m not sure they know who they are. We’ve done a really good job of tricking them into believing they could do something that wasn’t going to be possible.

Am I sounding crazy yet? All I’m saying is that when you take a look at where you are in life, who do you blame?

For example, if you look at the credits at the end of any movie, you see the masterminds behind the movie and everyone who helped out. Of course, we don’t find much information about how much everyone was paid, but you know the “Best Boy” is not taking home the same amount as the producer!

Life seems to be like the cast of a movie. We have an executive producer, a director, a producer and all of the behind the scenes supervisors – this is Congress and the President. All of the actors represent the wealthy people in America. All eyes are on them and, as you can imagine, this is a small segment of the movie crew population. Then you have all the media and cinematography and specialty folks. These are your white collar workers and then their support would be the blue collar workers. I hope this is making sense.

Finally we come to the Extras. And just about every extra thinks they can be a star – sound familiar? Soooooooooo many extras and only a few actors. The pay scale is proportionate to that of the wealthy in this country and the poor in this country – and the delusion is even more proportioned.

There is a lot of American Pie left. How much of it will you grab?