Where do you place your happiness?


Some people are living out their lives miserable! There is no better way to say it. It seems that some people haven’t learned the lesson in this week’s blog. I will encourage you to share.

No matter how hard we try, whenever happiness rests in a person, place or thing, we suffer a letdown. You see, no matter who you are or where you are from, we all have this in common: We place expectations. We place them in people (like a spouse, children or a best friend); we place them in things (savings, cars, or a job); we place them in places (churches, our jobs, or our homes). We become obsessed with where, what or in whom we place our expectations and we become vulnerable.

Have you ever seen a person get upset when their expectations were not met?

Expectations are created in the heart. In fact, they tie directly to the heart which is why it hurts so badly when the expectations are not met. Expectations are trouble because, since they are tied to the heart, we don’t want to let people know they’re there. This is for fear of rejection. Then, when those expectations are not met, we act like there’s been a crime. Our hearts are fragile. We need to focus our expectations on something more assured. Those expectations need to be placed where they won’t get out of hand. They need to be placed where no one will get hurt.

Albert Einstein said to place your expectations on goals and not tie it into people or things. What makes this quote brilliant is that when you place expectations in goals, you trick your heart. It makes it difficult for a person to be mad at themselves. Your goals = your expectations. If they are not met, guess who is to blame?

I believe the key to success rests in our ability to accept life’s challenges and meet those expectations. We are exactly what we planned to be. Anyone successful planned it. And even those who are perceived as failures got exactly what they planned.

So the point is this: The law of the harvest as outlined in God’s word is that you reap what you sow. Sow unto those things that are profitable for man and allow God to work with you. Allow His goodness and mercy to shine through you. Allow your drive to run free in your creativity and see how good life really can be.