A Real Thanksgiving

We need a national week of appreciation!

It seems that with all the different things going on in our lives, we miss some opportunities to tell those who matter the most, how much we appreciate them.

It’s easy to forget. But there are just too many unsung heroes who make the intangibles happen every day.

And these folks do it without throwing it up in our faces or broadcasting it to the world. These folks really make us look good. They help us to fake being organized; appear to be really thoughtful instead of forgetful; they say things we either forgot or wouldn’t say, but we should have said; and they keep use sharp and on top of our game.

The very best thing about these folks is that they see us at our worst and still help us. These folks are clearly in our corner and need to be recognized.

So I deem the week of November 24th as National Appreciation and Thanksgiving week. On this week instead of celebrating a very horrible time in America’s past when many Native Americans were massacred, let’s appreciate the folks in our corner and thank the almighty God for putting them in our lives.