Today’s slaves


Slaves were brought to market and were auctioned off to the highest bidder. Some went real cheap and others cost a fortune. These slaves didn’t want to be sold. They clearly would have rather stayed where they were.

The slaves I’m referring to would be our families.

We auction off our families every time we miss an opportunity to be with them. We sell our families as slaves every time we value some thing over them. We enslave our families whenever a priority supersedes them. Our jobs can become the greatest slave master. It works us and is so demanding that we forsake all others. Things outside of our home can rob us of valuable family time. We’re too busy with professional organizations or volunteer groups or even social clubs to know the details going on in our own homes. Money and status is important, but are they that important? Life does a job on us as well because sometimes we get so tired that we can’t do anything. Life has taken almost all of our energy so that all we have left is enough for a shower and to climb into bed. How did we get here?

We have gotten so busy earning a wage to enjoy life, that earning a wage has become our life. It is our new slave master. By the time we realize that we have missed the best parts of life, it’s over. Image just being a sperm donor and a check for your family? Work has kept you away so you have missed most of the recitals, almost all of the sporting events and all of the opportunities to implant your wisdom and knowledge into your children.

Then, during the holiday season you try to make it up the only way you know how: you write another check. There are only so many electronic devices and video games you can buy before the children just write you off as an investor instead of a parent. Don’t make this holiday just about gifts. Your family needs you! And they really deserve all of you. Let them know you love them the old fashioned way. Just tell them!