You can’t do better than all A’s


There is less than a week left in 2013 and now comes decision time. Most will attempt to make some sort of resolution for the New Year and normally before Valentine’s day, it’s over. Whatever was so important at the close of last year fizzles out before the New Year really gets started.

The problem is not in assessment usually, it’s in implementation. There are too many people who don’t know what to do. And then for the ones who have figured out what to do, they have a problem following through. It leads to a year full of complaints and anger turned inward — depression!

So this year, let’s not make a resolution but follow this AAA plan that will take you to where you’re trying to go. This plan begins with meditation and prayer. You must ask the almighty God for clarity and strength. Pray that your path be made clear and that you have the strength to follow through. We get caught up sometimes asking God for things he has already given us. For example, there are people who know they are stuck in a horrible relationship that only brings them down. They know it and everyone around them knows it, yet they are praying for a sign from God. The vainest prayer is one where you’re asking for something God has already provided.

So then, the first “A” is Assessment. It is imperative that nothing in this stage gets “sugar-coated” and honesty abounds. Stop lying to yourself about your circumstance or situation. If you won’t be honest with yourself, then who will? This step can be as simple as writing down what you don’t like and why. Then of the things you don’t like, what can YOU change?

The next “A” is Acceptance. Before anyone can move forward there has to be acceptance of the assessment. If due diligence was done in step 1, then open your heart to receive information that is profitable for you. I may have to accept that I don’t make enough money for the lifestyle I’m trying to lead. I may need to go back to school, change careers or advance in the field. Our comfort zone will be attacked at this step because you have to decide if positive change trumps comfort. I know people who want to lose weight, but don’t want to compromise what they currently eat — which is the problem. The day that losing weight for them trumps what they eat, guess what will happen?


The last “A” is for Action. Create a plan starting with the destination or end result. Where would you like to be at the end of the year? How much weight do you want to lose? How much debt is there to be paid? Whatever your accepted assessment discovered for you, make that your target and start backwards from there to get the plan. For example, say a person wants to save $10,000 next year. That’s less than $1,000 per month above their monthly expenses. That may mean they would have to increase their revenue stream. I know people who have taken extra jobs because they have accumulated extra debt. What about a person who loves themselves enough to take on an extra job — not for debt purposes, but for the sake of their own prosperity? What would it be like to end the next year with an extra 10k?

Or say a person wants to lose weight — which is really one of the easiest things to do. Education on nutrition is all that’s needed. You can actually just eat whole food and lose weight. For a person to lose 100 pounds, save 10k, fix their credit or do anything just takes a denying of self. Can you deny self for the benefit of self?

The triple A plan works and it’s logical. If you need help, I’ll coach you. If you need encouragement, I’ll tell. If you want real change, Clydestyle is here for you. I’ll deal with your spirit and your body and we will together heal your soul. Happy New Year!

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  1. Wow! I can really relate to the AAA plan. Thank you for the encouragement and honesty of the plan. It’s a new approach to making a New Year’s resolution which I am certainly going to try and implement. I love your blog, you’re awesome.

    1. Thanks Rita! I appreciate that and thanks for reading! Happy New Year!

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