Changing shoes always births a fresh perspective


Those of us who live in the south were privileged to get hit with an abnormal winter storm last week that shutdown cities, closed schools and universities and had people flooding to the grocery stores.

Six inches of snow and a few inches of ice fell in Charlotte, NC. People were literally afraid to drive and the governor strongly encouraged everyone to stay off the roads. This story led national news because ole man winter wanted a vacation so he went south for a week.

If this had happened in the Midwest it would not have been newsworthy. In the month of January, Detroit set a city record getting 39.1 inches of snow. You would have to go back almost 100 years to find 39 inches of snow in Charlotte!

North Carolinians got a dose of what it feels like to wrestle with snow. Just for about a week, the “dirty south” was purified from its warm weather delusions. For them the lesson is simple: In everyone’s life a little rain and snow must fall!

It’s difficult to take warm weather for granted when you have had a run in with snow. It’s difficult to not count your blessings, when calamity has visited you too.

You see, we really should be living our lives in gratitude to God for what he has done. And then when hard times come we remember the good times and say thanks. When the good times come back, we should remember the hard times and say thanks. This concept keeps us in a state of thanksgiving for whatever we experience because we know God is working for our good.

Let us not have to change shoes with someone less fortunate before we can realize the blessings we have. We should make every effort to let the people in our lives who are a benefit to us know that we appreciate them … And give God the glory!