Are you a true friend?


It is very difficult these days to find true friends.

I’m not talking about just a drinking buddy or someone who you can tell your problems to. I’m not talking about the people who support you or will lie for you or who loan you money.

I’m talking about a person who makes you better. The friend I’m talking about keeps you honest, is strong where you are weak and would defend you with his life. You can have a really bad argument with a true friend and get up and go to dinner afterwards. 

With a true friend you can look at each other and just know. You just know that unconditional love is there, support is there and compassion.  This friend has no problem speaking the truth in love to you and you know if you want their support, you’d better come correct!

This type of friend may wear other hats in your life. They could be your dad or mom, your minister or a spouse.

In Proverbs 27:17 the bible says that as iron sharpens iron, one person sharpens another.

The constant scraping of knives together will sharpen each one for the better. Never can you have the scraping without benefit.

A true friend is made of iron and they will be there no matter what. We serve a God that sticks closer to us than a brother! A true friend whom you can cast your cares upon because he cares.

Do you have a friend like this? Are you this type of friend?

4 Replies to “Are you a true friend?”

  1. Clyde, you are the friend I have never met. Weird how that can work, isn’t it, brother? 🙂

    Sheila Beaty

  2. Yes, most certainly I have a friend/brother like you speak of, his name is CLYDE MAYBERRY….I know he will ALWAYS tell me if I’m wrong, but does it with LOVE..We don’t always agree, but that’s ok, cause we know we both have each other’s back…My brother challenges me to seek the truth and not just follow on my traditions….What a true, friend and brother in deed, he is….

    1. True words indeed. Thank you sister. We have been good for each other! I thank God for you.

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