I’m baaaaack!

The bar is now open…

Ok. I never really left but here I am again to hopefully be inspiring, insightful and humorous all for the sake of helping you with your vision problems.

It amazes me how comfortable people are sitting in a bar. The atmosphere is perfect for sharing. I was sitting in the Philadelphia airport when I took that photo and it was in an area that was not too busy and not too noisy. I spent 45 minutes “people watching” and what a relaxed environment I observed.

So in that same spirit, the bar (blog) is now open. I am here to dialog and attempt to help. I want to speak to your hurt if you will allow me to assist you.

I am working on two book projects for this fall and I’m feeling pretty confident about them. The first is vol II of my 2015 book The Sincere Milk of the word. And the second is about relationships titled My Current Situation. There is a third book on church growth and I will elaborate on that as we get closer to the release date.

My blog will continue to speak to the ills of our world and offer sound advice to help you overcome.

Thank you for your support. Spread the word! Pray for my handlers as I have a great team with me and they are handling the editing, management of social media, blogs, books, speaking engagements and the video blog that will start in 2019.

Get ready for Clydestyle 3.0

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