I am a creator!


When God created man in his image it was not that we would physically look like God but that you could see God’s ways in us.

Ideally, someone who doesn’t really know God could have a relationship with a child of God and just based on behavior they could learn about our father in Heaven.

So I want to remind us of something that we may not often consider, and that is our ability to create.

God can speak things into existence and so can we. He can change the course of someone’s life, and so can we. God can teardown or build up people, places and things, and so can we.

As a creator, have you considered the things you have created lately? Have you used this ability for good or evil? When you take inventory of the relationships you have and looking in the past, would the outcomes say you are a builder or a destroyer?

Let’s start with the children, what are our kids learning from us? They should be learning how to create from us. Are they learning to use love, compassion, humility and grace to build? Or are they using hatred, arrogance and revenge to wreak havoc on the world?

The relationships built in the workplace, do they honor God and have you proven to be a master builder or have you not been consistent in careers because of — stuff?

And what of your personal life? Has the measure of love you have sent into the universe been returned to you? Has your compassion changed anyone’s life? All of these questions are to get you to think about your actions as a creator and tweak some things before the day of reckoning.

There will be a day of reckoning and I’m not talking about Judgement Day.

This will be a day disassociated from anything going on in your life currently. You ever wondered why some things happen? I mean everything can be wonderful in your current space and then like a thief in the night, calamity happens. You think it’s coincidental?

Be the creator you are called to be. Walk in your truth and empower others. This is your true purpose.